The preschool, primary and secondary combined have about 550 pupils


We currently have 92 members

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As opposed to private institutions/branches, the International preschool and SISS school branches levies no tuition for attendance. The government covers all costs required to offer these institutions the same level of service as "normal" state institutions. Additional expenses related to the international mandate of the schools are not covered. They need to be taken care of by the Förderverein.

Membership of parents and friends of international education in our region should be considered as a privilege. We are proud and glad to list more than 90 members, mostly parents and company sponsorships.

The ‘Förderverein’ would be pleased and appreciative to welcome you as its member. Membership is open to individuals and families as well as to companies and other interested parties. Minimum annual fees are:

  • For individuals and families – 60€

  • For companies and other parties – 500€


The Förderverein is a registered non-profit organisation.

Fees and donations are charitable and tax-deductible.


Of course any higher contribution is helpful and welcome!

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We also welcome donations – these can be made to the following account:

Kontoinhaber: Förderverein Internationale Schule und Preschool e.V.
IBAN: DE83 5085 0150 0025 0052 52


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The statutes of the Förderverein can be found on the Downloads page.