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Secondary Branch Pinboard 

The pinboard summarises recent general emails sent to Secondary branch families, as well as keeping a placeholder for reminders of upcoming events both at Secondary and throughout the Schuldorf. This is a parent run, volunteer initiative, now sponsored by friends of siss.

If you’d like to receive an email notification when the Pinboard has been updated, please send a “subscribe” message to


Take a look at the latest pinboard right here:


Last updated: 04 December 2022

Up and Coming - SISS Alumni Network

Along with allowing SISS graduates to stay in touch, one goal is to create a space where current and past students can share information.

Welcome to the first feature of the SISS Alumni Network from our Y11 CAS student team to the current Y10s. 

As your final IGCSE exams are approaching, we welcome you to click on either slide to find some helpful resources and tips that helped us last year in preparing for the IGCSEs. We hope you'll find the information useful and wish you all GOOD LUCK!

You can also check out our Instagram page for updates:

Primary Branch Newsletter

The Primary Branch's newsletter is distributed by the Parent Representatives of each class.

You can view the latest version here:

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Now the SISS Primary Pinboard

Coming Soon!